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  • Christine Ayala

Can You Handle The Truth?

I am one of those people who doesn’t always “get it” when others do. Maybe God didn’t give me the gift of discernment, or maybe my optimism and belief in people gets in the way. I’m honest and direct and didn’t expect it when others were deceitful and manipulative. I wasn’t necessarily happy in my ignorance, because I was often uneasy, but I was making decisions that weren’t based on truth - and it always stabbed me in the back.

Those wounds could have broken me, but instead of becoming bitter and pessimistic, I sought wisdom. And, surprisingly to me, wisdom came. I remember when I was dating and I started questioning things in a way I never would have before - and I was happy - the Spirit of Wisdom was helping me! Wisdom and truth go hand in hand and now I seek them more and more - even while remaining eternally optimistic 🙂

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