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  • Christine Ayala


Churches are supposed to be diverse. They are supposed to be filled with unique people who follow Jesus Christ. They aren’t supposed to all be the same style, for God created each of us with different styles and unique ways to praise and worship. We aren’t all Davids, who dance and sing for wildly, and we aren’t all Pauls, who are called as missionaries to the world - BUT we are all supposed to praise, sing and worship together with other believers. This is true even if there are hypocrites in the church - newsflash, there are hypocrites everywhere and always will be until Jesus comes back. It means saying one thing, but doing another. I’m certain that we have all been a hypocrite at least once or twice....

The church is designed to continue Jesus’ work - that is the thought and purpose we unite to accomplish: feed the poor, minister to the lost, broken, sick and imprisoned, spread the gospel and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Love sets us apart. Do you love other Christians who worship differently than you do? Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Shaker, Presbyterian, and many more - all believe in the heart of the Gospel, with imperfect rules added on by men. None are perfect but all worship our perfect Savior as the Messiah and Son of God who died for our sins and was resurrected. God’s design is for us all to work together... #theywillknowusbyourlove #onespiritonechurch #BEthechurch #godsdesign #praiseandworship #shalom #dailydevotional

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