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  • Christine Ayala


Have you experienced being fatherless or abandoned like and orphan or widow? It’s heart wrenching! There is intense loneliness and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. But God is close to these - closer than they know or believe - and He promises to set them back up in a family. Because he created us to be in community, to live among loved ones is God’s design! It’s also a blessing.

So many people, even Christians, are choosing to be isolated these days. It’s not good and it sets them up for all kinds of trouble. You also need church- a family of believers. If you have to live away from family and close friends, make sure that you cultivate deep relationships with them anyway and build close friends where you are. If there are unresolved conflicts, then don’t wait another minute to extend a spirit of reconciliation (unless it’s not safe, that’s different). Don’t take family for granted.

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