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  • Christine Ayala

Divine Guidance

The vision of a Christ follower comes from God - it is a gift and often a calling. I love that the New Living translation calls it “divine guidance.” This vision is never just for ourselves, it’s always meant to encompass more - for us to be and do ALL that God created us for and accomplish our mission.

Without this, people perish. With it, there is joy. The word perish is very specific- the people may not die immediately, their lives will slowly decline as they live without purpose, like a fruit slowly rots. What people? Anyone and everyone who is encompassed in that vision or call that God has put into you.

This verse also tells us that when we have this Vision that comes from God AND we follow and fulfill it, it brings joy. So what is holding you back? Be bold. Ask God to renew your vision and call and stir up a willing spirit in you. #justdoit

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