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  • Christine Ayala

Exercising Your Faith

Walking by faith doesn’t really show when everything is alright and you aren’t struggling with something. The struggle is what strengthens our faith and our walk with God… or it exposes our weaknesses and our desperate need for help from the Lord… or both! It also shows His glorious strength and reveals the gifts He’s given to us. Especially, it showcases our faith and His faithfulness!

When you don’t struggle you can’t really have strong faith because faith is like a muscle, it gets weaker when it’s not being exercised. This is true in many areas and ways, in nature and in people. Like any good Father, God always has us in a personal development plan. He is always working in us and on us so He can work through us. It’s much much easier when we surrender our wills to Him so we can be and do all He created us for. But, if we rebel, our Lord and Savior does not give up on us! It’s just a much harder and rockier road we choose. Don’t get me wrong, the road we choose when we surrender is not an easy one, but we walk it side by side with Jesus and He helps us every step of the way.

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