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  • Christine Ayala


When I’m following Jesus, I’m taking steps of faith, in faith. Sometimes people think I’m courageous and sometimes they think I’m being foolish. I feel brave when I know I’ve heard from God, though, because I know He is leading. My biggest fear is getting distracted from following Him and stepping down the wrong proverbial fork in the road.

This is where daily prayer is essential. Taking time to connect with my Lord and my leader. Making sure that I’m plugged into the Holy Spirit inside of me and not my own desires. I pray always to stay in step with Jesus, to walk in the Holy Spirit, and to please God. When I don’t, sometimes it takes a little while to realize it - then I must repent and try again. Our God will continue to pursue us for this, always try again with us… Praise His Name! #ihavedecidedtofollowjesus #walkinthespirit #discipleship #stepbystepheleadsme #yourjourneytobeingwhole #shalom #dailydevotional

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