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  • Christine Ayala


Jesus is truly our redeemer. He called each one of us to freedom from sin and death, and He helps each one of us walk in this freedom.

Sometimes we step off this path, though. To indulge ourselves in too much of something is most often how we skip back into a form of bondage, giving things like food, drink, sex, drugs, etc. control instead of our faith.

But Jesus redeemed us from that too! This is the good news! Though we fall, He will give us a hand up. As free people we are called to serve one another in love - not because we have to. Not to seek to get our own needs and desires met, but to help meet the needs and desires of others. This is a way that we are the body of Christ, giving hands up to people like Jesus and with Jesus.

How many people need you to show them love, but you can’t tell they are hurting and broken inside? How many lives could you touch by sharing your love freely? #justdoit #theywillknowusbyourlove #discipleship #freedom #serveoneanotherinlove #BEthechurch #independenceday #onespiritonechurch #shalom #dailydevotional

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