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  • Christine Ayala

Heart Condition

Everything you do reflects to the world the condition of your heart. A broken heart will show just as much as a heart full of the joy of the Lord, and often causes hurt to others. This happens because your own brokenness causes you to lash out at others - it’s a vicious cycle that you can control! Hurt people, hurt people.

It’s our own responsibility to protect our heart. The Bible teaches us to be wise and discerning about those we allow to be close to us, those we let into our hearts and our homes. We can’t do this without the Lord’s help, though. And no matter how well we follow, we will still get hurt at times because we’re human and so are the other people. So be careful about those you trust and love. Keep healthy boundaries in place and remember that you, with all your mind, heart and soul, are a child of God!

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