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  • Christine Ayala

I Declare

Yesterday I wrote about the power of our words to build up or tear down, and today I read this quote from Brandon Lake. So let’s talk about it some more…

What we stand up for with our actions and our words, we declare. Who do you stand with? And what do you stand for?

Telling the truth above all else breaks down the barriers of of doubt and mistrust. It opens doors, builds relationships and fosters community- especially in the Church. Do you stand up and tell the truth when given the opportunity, or do you say nothing?

Praising the Lord brings joy and life into you and into the room. Do you praise Him every day? Do you share that infectious joy and life with others, or just on Sunday?

Our worship of our Way Making, wonder Working God is powerful enough to soften the coldest and hardest heart, open doors that have been nailed shut and bring the deadest soul back to life. Worship Him in spirit and truth every day you have breath!

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