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  • Christine Ayala

Let It Go

Jesus made this plain. Love and forgive the people who hurt you, who betray you, who bully you and even are abusive. I believe this can only be done with His help - the Holy Spirit within you.

When you do this, you put them i. God’s hands for His justice. It means you fully trust God to do what is best, and you know that you don’t know what that is. You may think you know, but in my experience, our desire to pay back colors our thinking. Forgiving someone does not mean trusting them. Don’t confuse those two things. You don’t have to spend time with people who are mean to you - but you do have to let Jesus love them and forgive them through you. It’s how you keep from being just like them. #forgive #letitgo #walkinfreedom #holyspirit #mindofchrist #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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