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  • Christine Ayala

Like a Lion

I have been meditating on this lately - The fear of the Lord. I wrote about it last week too. And then Pastor @alecseekins preached about it on Sunday, and then it was in my devotional yesterday. So, God is talking to me about it - and I’m bringing y’all along for the ride.

I tend to be bold and I have adopted a stance that I don’t make decisions based on fear of the outcome but in faith in what God has said. But, now I’m realizing that I need to run it all through an additional filter - am I acting with humble faith or am I acting with reckless faith? The Spirit of the fear of the Lord is all about being willing to lay it all in the line when you know what God wants you to do. To an outsider, it can seem reckless, but when it’s done in humble faith - it’s because your need to be and do what God has called you to is greater than your fear of the possible consequences of your obedience. That is the fear of God - it chases away all other fears and gives you the strength and courage to continue on His path.

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