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  • Christine Ayala

Like Jesus?

Many Christians today think that Jesus wants them to live happy, fulfilling lives - and He does, but He defines happiness and fulfillment differently than the world does. He also values the state of our heart and soul over our comfort and circumstances. He wants us to be whole.

Being like Jesus includes doing what He did, putting others first - especially the hurting, unlovable, and outcast. Not looking away, but looking into their souls and giving grace and ministry to them.

Living by His priorities is the first step to true happiness and fulfillment. There is no greater feeling than to be and do exactly what and who God created you to be and to do. There is no happiness that compares to this. Paul experienced it in chains while still bleeding from a beating. I pray that I won’t be in that circumstance, but there are thousands of Christians who are right now… and they are still blessed and they are close to Jesus in their suffering for the faith.

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