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  • Christine Ayala


The Lord is with you. To hear His direction, His discipline, His voice - you must first learn to listen. I’m preaching to myself too! Listening isn’t always our natural response in a tense situation, but it’s what I’ve learned is most important.

There are lots of times God has been communicating to me, speaking through others, in circumstances, and in my spirit. Sometimes I even noticed or heard Him, but I wasn’t actually listening. It’s like when someone says something in the other room - you heard them, but you couldn’t make out what they said. When this happens with God, it’s time to quiet down and move closer to Him and ask Him to help you Hear Clearly what He is saying. He wants you to hear it, to “get it,” and to understand it. So take the time to #listen today! #discipleship #christianliving #childofgod #thelordiswithyou #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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