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  • Christine Ayala

Next Step

I don’t usually post photos of myself here, because I only use Insta to post devotionals - but this is a testimony. Yesterday we made it to the top of North Mountain again. It’s a tough and steep climb, but one I’ve made many times over the years. That’s kind of a big deal! Until I was 35, I couldn’t have dreamed of doing that.

Hiking was out of the realm of what was physically possible - but then God healed me.

It was a miracle, and one I’ve not taken for granted. I started building strength and challenging myself to get and stay strong since then. And I’ve found my ride or die who I can hike with. This is symbolic of many of the challenges we face, because I had to rest a few times during that climb. It was hot and It frustrated me and I even considered quitting before we got to the top. But James encouraged me and I’m not a quitter… that’s what marriage and our Christian walks in general are all about too. You help the other when they need it and you never give up.

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