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  • Christine Ayala

One Accord

My favorite “hymn” starts this way:

We are one in the Spirit,

We are in in the Lord…

And it ends with:

They will know we are Christians by our love.

Jesus started the Church and His disciples continued it… we still do - if we are truly disciples of Christ. Being a Christian isn’t a “one and done.” It requires a lifetime of faithful work and sacrifice. Being a part of the Body of Christ, the Church, is part of that.

The Church is made up of people from every background, race, and economic status - and we are bound by One Spirit, one Truth - and Jesus told us to live and work together in unity. He knew we wouldn’t be very good at it - that’s why we need Him and the Holy Spirit!

How’s this going for you? Are you “in one accord” with your brothers and sisters in Christ? Not just the ones who think like you and meet in the same building as you - but the ones who don’t look like you, come from your neighborhood, or even country - are you one in the Spirit with them? You can be, even if you’ve never met them or even heard about them - because the Spirit in you has!

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