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  • Christine Ayala

One Way


I have tried to understand how people can live without Jesus. Without faith. Because I can’t. They are pursuing happiness and peace and never really find it because they want it without the Lord and without His “rules.” It just doesn’t work that way. People want peace, without the parameters of morality, kindness, mercy and justice that go with it. They want the Kingdom of Heaven without giving up the evil vices of this world. They want to be the God of their life, but they don’t have the power to save.

There is only one Way, one Truth, and Life that has the power to save us from sin and death and bring us peace and joy. His name is Jesus, and He gives it to us abundantly and doesn’t withhold His grace and mercy because of our shortcomings and failures. His love is endless and complete. His peace is Shalom: whole, with nothing missing and nothing broken.

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