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  • Christine Ayala

Peace Be With You

Are you feeling peace?

Or do you feel more uncertainty, anxiety and chaos right now? Jesus IS with you right now, and He doesn’t bring those things - He brings perfect peace! The peace the passes all understanding and transcends the cares of this world. He tells us to turn to Him, let Him help carry our burdens and receive His rest. Do you actually do this?

We have a weird mentality in the church - we think that we are supposed to be working so hard that we’re exhausted. Like, it’s sinful to rest. Guess what - it’s sinful NOT to rest - that’s why God gave us the Sabbath. Do you take time to simply rest?

Receive the peace of Christ today and everyday - it’s right in front of you! #peacebewithyou #peaceofchrist #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #advent @jeffgokee #dailydevotional

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