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  • Christine Ayala

Pride and Identity

Pastor @ryanromeo made this very profound statement yesterday. I have been thinking about in the light that pride is a root sin for many other sins - I hadn’t thought of it as the root for those who are its victim though…

When someone is prideful, they set themselves up in a superior position, like they’re better-than someone else. In so doing, they set someone else up as less-than, or not good enough. Both parties are believing a lie that the devil uses to confuse their identity and tempt them into sin. The prideful person will often suppress others as they feel more powerful influence while the shamed person will spread that shame to others and make decisions that put them into harms way. It’s a vicious cycle.

You are who God says you are - nothing more and nothing less. You are a beloved child of God. He has redeemed you by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross just so you could spend your life with Him forever and so you’d have an escape from the enemy. #nomorepride #childifgod #calledandchosen #identityinchrist #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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