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  • Christine Ayala


If you find yourself growing weary then it’s time to refocus. Sure we all get tired and worn out every day, that’s one way you know you’ve been working. But true weariness comes when you’re losing hope that things will change or that what you’re doing matters. Weariness sets in when we listen to that tells us that what we’re doing is worthless, unappreciated or unnoticed, or that there just isn’t any point. That’s why you need to turn your focus on God, ask Him to guide you and if you’re on the right path. He promises to do those things if we follow Him. Ask Him to renew your hope, to fill you with His Spirit and remember the joy of your salvation. There is hope. There is a reason. Ask the Lord to fill you with His strength when yours is weary. He is faithful. #goodgoodfather #dontgrowweary #faith #childofgod #refocus #hope #hopeinthelord #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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