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  • Christine Ayala


It’s amazing to me that Jesus, who is all-powerful and perfect, has scars. He certainly had the power to wipe them away, but He didn’t. Why?

Is it because He knew that followers would be like Thomas, and need to see them in order to believe?

Is it because He knew that 2,000 years later, that detail in the Gospel accounts would matter to the salvation of you or your neighbor?

Is it because they constantly remind Him of His love for each one of us and the grace that has been poured out for us?

I believe that after The Lord heals us, restores us and makes us whole, the scars remain to remind us of what we were saved from and of the power that is exerted on our behalf. They are a witness to others of what God has done in our lives and could do for them. Scars are not something we need to hide. #goodgoodfather #godishealer #jesusloverofmysoul #childofgod #shalom #ourtestimony #byhisstripeswearehealed #dailydevotional

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