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  • Christine Ayala

Strength & Courage

Be brave. Be courageous. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be discouraged.

This is hard to do in the face of this crazy world. It was hard then too - they were facing huge pagan armies. And they had been eating the same thing every day for 40 years while homeless in the desert.

The key is that we are brave and full of courage because of our faith in our God and Savior. Because we are filled with the Holy Spirit who IS power. Because God pours out His grace and forgiveness on us and picks us up when we fall down, sets our feet on a rock and fights on our behalf. Sometimes the fight is against fatigue - overwhelmed by taking care of babies and family, or a demanding job, or both; fighting against disease, addictions, or depression in you or a loved one; surrounded by judgement and criticism; the list is endless - but the answer is the same:

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