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  • Christine Ayala


These are words to live by - and yet sometimes SO difficult to put in practice.

Bitterness is a tool of the devil - it invites him in and gives him license to wreak havoc in your life - but to prevent it, you must forgive people who have really hurt you. Sometimes they’ve even been malicious and violent, but you still have to take the high road and forgive - without getting even and without telling others all about it… Forgiveness does not mean that you reconcile or trust someone again - that’s different. Forgiveness is letting go of the offense you have a right to, and trusting God to deal with it appropriately. Taking control of those emotions is the price of peace and wholeness.

The next verse, though, tells us to be tender hearted. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and caring, even when you’ve been wronged before. God gives us wisdom so that we can do this, but sometimes we need to really feel someone’s joy, excitement, pain, or sorrow… or our own - just as Jesus did. If you don’t feel these, are you really alive? #christianliving #tenderhearted #kind #forgiveness #faith #goodgoodfather #dontbebitter #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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