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  • Christine Ayala

The Truth of Freedom

The first trap the devil used is still one of his most effective ways to lead us away from God and into sin. And usually it’s something little. The devil knows that he can build a mountain of rebellion out of tiny pebbles of doubt and sin. But Jesus gave us a way out of every single one - we are covered in the grace of God.

Most of us will say “I don’t question God’a word...” but I ask you to examine your heart and invite the Lord in to do the same and expose anything that you might be unsure of or doubting. He would love to do this for you and won’t be angry or disappointed in you because HE already knows. When you ask, you receive the wisdom and understanding that only comes from God.

When the Lord pours out His grace and wisdom on us and we follow Him, this is when we are free. #freedom #walkinthespirit #childifgod #grace #wisdom #truth #thedevilisaliar #peace #shalom #onespiritonechirch #dailydevotional

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