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  • Christine Ayala

True Freedom

God is for us. He is for you. He is on your side and working for your good right now. Even if it seems like you’re in a dark valley and there is no way out, He is with you. Let Him lead you and comfort you and bring you to the place of rest and peace. He will if you follow Him.

If you continue to go your own way out of impatience or rebellion then You might not get there though. When we think we can obtain Gods promises our way, not only are we winning, but we prolong our agony. Why do we do this? Pride. Instead we need to act like the child of God we are and let our Father be in the lead - in this, there is true freedom. The world teaches us that we can control our own destinies and that this is freedom - but it’s not, it’s slavery to self-serving pride. True freedom can only come from submission to Christ.

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