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  • Christine Ayala


Wait. Not our favorite thing to do, is it? I’ve just visited Disney World and there was a lot of waiting in line involved. But not like there used to be… the innovation and technological advances they’ve used to reduce wait times and make it easier for people to avoid long lines are quite amazing.

Our human nature wants everything NOW! Like a toddler. God knew this about us and tells us over and over to wait on Him, to trust Him, that His time it is different than our timing - and by the way, God’s timing is perfect. We hate waiting, but it is in the waiting that God prepares us for our futures and destinies. It’s in the waiting that we build our faith and learn to trust God. We need to listen to the Holy Spirit leading us, and when it’s time to wait - then wait while you seek God and build faith. It’a going to be worth it!

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