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  • Christine Ayala

When You Pray

As Christians we know that we are supposed to pray, but it’s easy to end up praying the same way each day. God wants our heart, not us just going through the motions. The question for many is “where is the secret place?” The answer is anywhere you can be alone with God, close your eyes to distraction and share your heart with Him. Your hopes and dreams, your fears and realities, and ask Him for His presence, wisdom and provision. This is where you can intercede fro the people you are concerned about and those you love. This is where you can ask Gods help with anger, disappointment, betrayal and forgiveness. He promises to listen, to hear you and to help you. He longs for this relationship with each one of us. #goodgoodfather #prayer #prayercloset #discipleship #christianliving #godlovesyou #justdoit #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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