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  • Christine Ayala

Who to Blame

I wonder how many times I’ve misinterpreted things... how many times have I blamed God for something the devil did to attack me?

We must never forget that the devil wants to hurt us in any way he can. All.The. Time. That’s why Jesus came, to defeat the devil so we can have eternal life with God - and so we would have all the power we need to fight while we’re still in the earth. That’s right, we have all the power we need to win these battles and ultimately win the war. The Holy Spirit is with us all the time - listen to Him, walk with Hom, spend time rwading your Bible. the Lord is with you! #winyourwar @markdriscoll #discipleship #BEthechurch #thelordiswithyoumightywarrior #allthepoweryouneed #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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