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  • Christine Ayala

A Challenge For You

I have a challenge for you today...

Take a moment today, to name a time (or two, or ten) when God took what the enemy meant for evil in your life, and turned it to good. Then tell someone about it, post about it, TESTIFY on the goodness of God, spread the good news. That is what the Gospel is - good news, so share it.

I’ll start - when I was a teen, I was crippled with pain and disability that made it difficult to walk, sleep and function normally. I had to struggle and fight in faith to a crazy level at a young age and I didn’t do so great every day. Some days I felt totally defeated. But I saw the Lord and developed unshakable faith - and years later, God completely healed me. The enemy knew who I was in Christ before I did and before I knew how to fight. But God turned that battle into a victory, one that would spread hope and faith far and wide.

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