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Have you ever felt like something is missing?

Do wounds of the past haunt your present or color your future?

Has your heart been broken?

Then this book is for you!
Learn how to be whole in this broken world...

Shalom Book Trailer website

Shalom Book Trailer website

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As people living in a broken world, we all experience the wounds of broken promises, missed opportunities, and shattered relationships. This same broken world offers many gimmicks, formulas, and schemes for you to “heal yourself,” but they never quite get you there.

Author, Christine (Ayala) Morrow takes you on a profound spiritual journey that leads you to healing and ultimately, to wholeness—where nothing is missing and nothing is broken.

Once you embark on this journey, Christine will show you how to live in our wounded world while functioning in God’s economy. Using scripture, the stories of the past and relevant metaphors, she opens the door for you to find and fulfill your call and purpose in this world.

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Your Journey to Being Whole in a Broken World is a companion course to Shalom – Nothing Missing Nothing Broken – How to Be Whole in a Broken World.       


You can work through it by yourself or in a group, with or without the online resources.


        Christine (Ayala) Morrow is the real deal. She has the pulse on Shalom – Nothing Missing Nothing Broken because she’s lived through it herself. I’ve known Christine for twenty years and I’ve seen her walk through some of the toughest, darkest times of life. When one would have fainted and quit, Christine was determined to keep pushing through and pressing forward with the truth, power and love of Holy Spirit. She grabbed on to the promises of God with a tenacious faith and today she lives healed and whole as one of the strongest women of God I know! Through Christine’s personal journey to healing and the freedom truths found in this book, be prepared to be not only touched by God’s love for you, but transformed by His healing power.

Lucie Costa –
Certified, Professional Life Coach and Speaker

“I’m thrilled about this book because it empowers readers to break the cycle of woundedness in their lives and pursue their God-given purposes. In Shalom – Nothing Missing Nothing Broken, Christine relates to us with her own down-to-earth stories and tackles these hard subjects in simple, yet powerful applications of Scripture and prayer.”

Cheryl Salem - Minister, Author, Worshiper Salem Family Ministries

Shalom – Nothing Missing Nothing Broken is a practical and timely solution for all of us struggling in this broken world. Christine will lead you step by step on a path from woundedness to healing and purpose, from pain to faith and fulfillment” 

Kary Oberbrunner – Author of Your Secret Name and The Deeper Path

Christine (Ayala) Morrow’s purpose and passion is to foster Christian unity and healing throughout the world. Empowering leaders and reaching out to people everywhere, she lives to help others overcome division and build bridges of healing and reconciliation across denominational lines. 

She traveled this journey to Shalom, where nothing is missing and nothing is broken, and works passionately to help others experience this true healing, wholeness and purpose.

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