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  • Christine Ayala

Be Like…

Have you ever felt like you wanted to emulate someone you admire - of course. It’s natural to do so, and not a bad thing at all - it’s part of discipleship. When we see someone and we want to be like them, we study them and copy them. This isn’t wrong, as long as you’re not changing who YOU are - who God made you to be.

The danger comes when we do this so that we can be recognized or accepted by others. If we’re trying to be part of the popular crowd or the “in group.” Then our motivation is wrong and we do things for the wrong reasons. Follow Christ, not people. Model your life by Christ and not someone else you admire. #belikejesus #wwjd #nopeerpressure #childofgod #discipleship #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional #shalom

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