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  • Christine Ayala


How many decisions do you make every day? Quite a few. Many of them are little ones, like which route should I drive to get somewhere or what to wear. These do t really impact your degree of joy and fulfillment. But what about the bigger ones… whether or not you show compassion and kindness to a stranger or better yet, to a family member who isn’t easy to love right now. Or, how you respond to someone who is rude to you. Or, when you have the opportunity to sin- which is almost always.

All of those decisions impact your comfort level and happiness a little. Walking with Jesus by faith means making the decision that will glorify God, even if it’s uncomfortable or difficult for us personally. It’s about being kind, being generous and showing love to people when we don’t feel like it. We do this by letting the Holy Spirit in us be stronger than our own selfishness. The life we live is not really about us - it’s about who God created you to be and what He created you to do. Loving Him and loving your family well is first. Choosing His ways over the ways of the world too. Both of these can be very difficult at times, but that’s what makes it all worth the trouble. Following Christ isn’t the easy way, it’s the best one.

We need to ask Him what HE wants us to do when we make these decisions...

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