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  • Christine Ayala


Have you met someone like this? Sometimes you don’t know why, but they are full of negativity and bitterness…. And they’re either working hard to work hard or they’re just going through the motions to survive. I think there are two underlying causes that are laced together - unforgiveness and pride.

Jesus taught us, commanded us to forgive one another as HE forgives us. To love one another as HE loves us. These aren’t optional and we don’t get to pick and choose who we forgive and love. It’s required to live in the Truth, to walk with Jesus and be in the Will and purpose of God. Refusing to forgive is choosing to put yourself into bondage. Don’t do it! @drtonyevans #forgiveness #loveoneanother #hewhothesonsetsfreeisfreeindeed #freedom #walkinthetruth #jesusistheway #grace #mercy #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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