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  • Christine Ayala

Give Your Burdens to God

God doesn’t want you to carry heavy burdens, He isn’t interested in how “strong” you can be. You don’t have anything to prove. He wants you to give those heavy concerns, the worries and the sorrows to Him. He may not remove them, but He will carry them with you. When He does this it’s like when a daddy carries something with His child - He bears almost all of the weight and the child has just enough to know that there is something there.

God goes further though, He keeps us from harm - He catches us if we start to fall or we get shaken up. Do you let Him catch you, or do you get dramatic about what you’re going through? God’s grace is sufficient to help you and His love and care will sustain you through whatever trial and burdens that you are enduring. Pray to God and give Him your burdens, your cares, the things that are weighing you down. Ask Him for relief and for his strong arms to help you. Ask Him to fill you with His grace and love and cover you with His mercy. Let Him help you. #grace #prayer #discipleship #trustgod #faith #laydownyourburdens #walkwithgod #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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