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  • Christine Ayala

Healthy Boundaries

What does it mean to “guard your heart?” Well, it doesn’t mean not to let anyone in or to love people to prevent yourself from getting hurt. When God speaks about our hearts in the Bible, He is referring to our mind, will and emotions- our inner self. And when He tells us to guard this part of it, He means to protect it by being careful who you allow to influence you and take your time and energy. To guard your heart means that you have boundaries and say no to people or things that cross them into God’s territory. Healthy boundaries were God’s idea!!

When we fail to protect these Godly and healthy boundaries, we allow our hearts to be burdened, abused, misused, deceived, belittled and hardened. When God saved you, part of that miracle was a new heart - a renewed mind, will and emotions. God is your healer and He wants you to have the pure heart He gave you - He will help you to get there again.

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