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  • Christine Ayala


Are a person who is full of hope? Or one who dwells less on hope and more on fear? Hope-full or Hope-less?

If you know Jesus, then HE is your living hope. If you fill up with Him, then He can cast out your hopelessness - but it takes some courage! Dwelling on fear and anxieties doesn’t take any courage and faith, it’s a way people prevent disappointments. Honestly, it’s a bit of a cop out.. our God can and will do what He says. That is enough to hang your faith and hope on. Faith takes courage and will, it’s not the easier way, but it is what the Lord has called us to and He wants us to share it with others, all the time. He wants us to let our Hope shine like a light or a beacon on a hill in order to lead others to the light that is Christ Jesus… with gentleness and kindness, not forcefully or with fear! Our negativity, doom and gloom and fears won’t do that. Jesus didn’t do that and as disciples our work is to be like Jesus as much as possible.

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