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  • Christine Ayala

In Between

Today is Holy Saturday - the day “in between” Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. It’s a day marked by silence, grief and doubt... not faith. The disciples knew that Jesus was dead, and on this day, He really was. Somehow they forgot that Jesus told them that this would happen, more than once. This is a perfect example of blocking out what you don’t want to hear.

How many times have we done this? God let’s us know what path He wants us to take, calls us and equips us, but it scares us and so we pretend we didn’t hear Him. How many times have we been in the silent, “in-between” time between a tragedy and the miracle, but our faith wavered.

Praise God for His faithfulness even in our weakness. Take some time today to build up your faith and prepare for the third day. #thirdday #jesusisalive #faith #hooe #childofgod #calledandchosen #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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