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  • Christine Ayala


#MLK was a prophet of our time. He was killed while I was still little, but his influence and words live on! To understand justice, one must look to the Bible - because in the Bible, “Justice had primarily to do with conduct in relation to others, especially with regard to the rights of others. It is applied to business, where just weights and measures are demanded. It is demanded in courts, where the rights of rich and poor, Israelite and sojourner, are equally to be regarded. Neither station nor bribe nor popular clamor shall influence judge or witness. In general this justice is contrasted with that wickedness which "feared not God, and regarded not man.” In a larger sense justice is not only giving to others their rights, but involves the active duty of establishing their rights.”

So, we should use our power to love others and advocate for their human rights. Not someone else or our government - US!

Jesus said, lWhatever you did to the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it to me.” Matt 25:40

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