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  • Christine Ayala

Living Loved

Living from a core identity of being loved is vital to following Christ and being healthy. So many issues we face are because we don’t do this. When we feel lonely, we can make bad decisions to fill that emptiness when the Lord is the only one who really can - we’re stubborn though and don’t turn to Him. This can lead to all manner of trouble and sadness, even depression and other trauma.

We must learn to turn to the Lord for all our needs, physical and emotional. Why do we think that we’re supposed to do it all ourselves, and only get help from Hod when it’s and emergency? That isn’t what God tells us in the Bible at all! There’s a false teaching that “the Lord helps those who help themselves.” Our God wants us to go to Him first! To lean on Him always, not pull Him out of our pocket when we’ve tried everything else first. He loves you completely and totally. Always. #godislove #beloved #christianliving @lysaterkeurst #yourjourneytobeingwhole #shalom #dailydevotional

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