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  • Christine Ayala

No Matter How Deep

We have a tendency to think that some people are so deep into the abyss, they are beyond hope. Or, that they’ve done too much evil to be saved. That isn’t what the Bible says.

We are so quick to judge in circumstances where we don’t want to delve into. We don’t want to get dirty if we minister to the homeless,

or the addict,

or the criminal,

or someone who is depressed...

I could go on, but I’m sure you can think of people and situations you’ve avoided where you could have spread the love of Christ - maybe you even felt God beckoning you to do it, and you didn’t. God’s grace is sufficient for you to do this and for the one in the abyss to be lifted out.

Of course, we do need to be responsible to our own families and not put them in danger... unless that is what God is calling you to. Every missionary has done that, and many have paid with their lives. They knew it was worth it.

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