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  • Christine Ayala

Perfect Path

How can this be true, when we know that we aren’t perfect, and our walks through life have definitely had pitfalls, problems and sin along the way. The key isn’t about us - it’s about God. If we are leaning on and trusting in God’s strength and power instead of our own intellect and stamina, we are following Him. We aren’t perfect, but He is and when we walk His path and follow His will then He works everything to our good. The thing is, His definition of “our good” is eternal, not carnal - so when we think we need things or money or success - He knows what we really need in order to stay in the perfect path. #godstimingisperfect #godismystrength #powerofgod #discipleship #followerofchrist #faith #walkinthespirit #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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