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  • Christine Ayala

Quick to Love

Our Father, THE Creator of all things, made us. We are not just His children, though. He wants to be our companion, our friend and confidante- and for us to that with our brothers and sisters.

He is quick to forgive and lavish grace on us - how quickly do we do that? How often do we “get involved” when someone is in trouble? How often do we look the other way or, even completely cut ties instead of trying to help and walk with them? Max Lucado shared this story in his book, In the Grip of Grace:

“Once a monk and his apprentice traveled from the abbey to a nearby village. The two parted at the city gates, agreeing to meet the next morning after completing their tasks.

According to plan, they met and began the long walk back to the abbey. The monk noticed that the younger man was unusually quiet. He asked him if anything was wrong. “What business is it of yours?” came the terse response.

Now the monk was sure his brother was troubled, but he said nothing. The distance between the two began to increase. The apprentice walked slowly, as if to separate himself from his teacher. When the abbey came in sight, the monk stopped at the gate and waited on the student. “Tell me, my son. What troubles your soul?”

The boy started to react again, but when he saw the warmth in his master’s eyes, his heart began to melt. “I have sinned greatly,” he sobbed. “Last night I slept with a woman and abandoned my vows. I am not worthy to enter the abbey at your side.”

The teacher put his arm around the student and said, “We will enter the abbey together. And we will enter the cathedral together. And together we will confess your sin. No one but God will know which of the two of us fell.”

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