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  • Christine Ayala

So Fight!

When we are fighting in prayer, or in faith on the battlefield of life, this truth applies. You’re not coming from the losing side. God already won and we’re just playing it out to see where we’ll will stand in the end.

So FIGHT! Fight in prayer fiercely for the ones on your heart - no matter how lost they may seem, it’s never too far away for Jesus!

Fight for your own freedom from whatever sin the easily entangles you, if you fall, get back up and fight again!

Fight for your family’s needs, love them like Christ does and serve them with a humble heart - that’s a fight too.

Jesus has won the victory!! #fightoffaith #prayerwarrior #loveoneanother #trustinthelord #yourjourneytobeingwhole #shalom #dailydevotional

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