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  • Christine Ayala

The Voice of Truth

How many times have you chosen our own desire for happiness over obedience to God?

Our human nature is selfish and our culture teaches us to look out for “number one.” We don’t need to teach our kids to be selfish, we need to teach them NOT to be - to think of others and to obey the boundaries we have for their protection. God does the same thing with us! We obey Him because it’s for our own good. Ultimately, our obedience leads to joy and fulfillment.

Lord, please help us to follow your path in obedience to your word and your love. Teach us along the way and help us to learn to hear your voice. We need your help to love others with your compassion and love, please fill us with your love and truth and give us discernment to resist the lies of the devil! In Jesus name, amen.

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