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  • Christine Ayala

To Forget

Forgetting. Most of the time we don’t want to forget things. We struggle to remember them clearly more often. The Lord teaches us to remember and to forget though…

We are to remember what God has done for us and how He has shown up when everything seemed hopeless or lost. God even instructed His people to set up monuments and annual feasts to help them remember these things. Back then it was Passover, Tabernacles, Mt Zion, and many more. We celebrate Christmas, Good Friday and Easter to remember what He has done for us…

But what does the Bible teach us to forget? Our own accolades and pride, anything we think entitles us to something, the people have sinned against us, grudges, and mostly our former desires before we were born again. This doesn’t mean we forget the lessons we’ve learned or the wisdom we’ve gained, or the testimonies of God’s faithfulness toward us - just that the emotion of the past no longer controls us today. We press on toward the call of God without looking back or looking for recognition. It’s about the posture of our hearts.

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