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  • Christine Ayala


I read this in my devotion this morning and it is sticking with me. How many times was I weary In The waiting. God has revealed things to me and then… nothing happened. Like, when He told me to write ‘Shalom - Nothing Missing Nothing Broken - How to be Whole in a Broken World’ I knew the title and basic subject for 12 years before I wrote it. I kept trying to start or do research, and nothing clicked. I was frustrated some of the time, and then I relaxed some of the time. Eventually I did find that “cool shade of surrender.” I just trusted Him.

He used that 12 years to write that book on my heart and soul. I didn’t know what I needed to know about deep healing yet. But oh how He showed me and showed up! I like the “cool shade of surrender now.” I love watching the pieces come together in the waiting. God is so good in how He weaves it all together. So, trust Him!

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