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  • Christine Ayala

Who are you?

Sometimes we lose ourselves in our struggles. They can become overwhelming and take all of our strength and focus to survive. I get it, I’ve been there. I’ve had to fight through chronic and debilitating pain every day for years. It deepened my faith, for without Christ I wouldn’t have made it through - however, for a time, I identified myself as the pain. It became my closest companion even though it was my worst enemy. I needed good Bible teaching to realize that I was really a child of God, a daughter of the King of kings who was blessed! Thank you @bethmoorelpm!

I meet people all the time who struggle with this - often because of abuse. It’s so difficult to separate yourself from the evil things that someone says and does to you - you start to believe the lies to cope with it. But healing is available to you - you can be made whole again! You are who God says you are!

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