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  • Christine Ayala

Who, Me?

When Jesus read this to the folks in His hometown, they refused to believe it when He said that He was THE ONE who came to fulfill it. I believe that part of the Great Commission is to do this too.

Jesus gave us authority and called us to do even greater works than He had done. He gave us the Holy Spirit, who is living in us and has

U N L I M I T E D P O W E R! That means that we should boldly proclaim words of hope and healing. We don’t need to whisper and worry what people will say. We shouldn’t turn away from the broken hearted people we meet. God doesn’t. We need to help bind up their hearts with love and grace and peace. God wants everyone to walk in true freedom and we have it. His name is Jesus! Spread the Good News! #goodnews #healthebrokenhearted #proclaimliberty #walkinfreedom #thelordiswithyou #calledandchosen #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole wholeness #dailydevotional

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