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  • Christine Ayala


Time is a gift from God. Like any gift, it can be cherished and put to good use or despised and squandered away. Sometimes we just waste it. Let me make something very clear though, resting and playing aren’t wasting it. God encouraged rest, He even set aside an entire day to force His children to rest.

We have been given time to grow relationships and do what God prepared for us to do. That includes a job for many of us. Sometimes our jobs don’t seem like they are part of His plan, but working is. He gave us the ability to be creative and productive, “in His image,” and not just for our benefit and our family’s support, but so we can be a witness of His goodness and provision.

We also get to use that time to love others better and more, do bring the grace of God with us to those who do t know Him, to fulfill His will and purposes for our lives.

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