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  • Christine Ayala

A Follower

When we belong to Christ, we are His disciples. This is a big deal and means we are willing to follow Him, be taught by Him, be empowered by Him and be disciplined by Him so that we can be as much like Him as possible while still retaining our unique gifts, callings and personalities.

Our Lord doesn’t waste our time, each person and situation we encounter or walk through is part of our journey as disciples. Think about what you’ve been through, who you’ve dealt with and what you learned about yourself and the world in the process. I learned that sometimes I’m hard-headed and have to repeat lessons that are painful. I hope that I do this less often now as get older and, hopefully, wiser. Take some time to consider what God has already taught you and how you’re walking it out. Ask Him to reveal more for the New Year and to help you grow through it. #walkingwithjesus #discipleship #christianliving #thelordismyshepherd #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional #shalom

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