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  • Christine Ayala

All the Power

Ther are SO MANY weapons used against us, to overwhelm, discourage, silence, shame, distract, tempt, wound, batter and destroy us. These weapons do have power, but not as much as we have with our God and Father. The devil is out to use every tactic and weapon at his disposal (and that’s a lot) to hurt you in these ways - his victories come when we take our focus and faith off of God and look only at the problem and start to believe in its power more than our faith in God. The guilt and shame can seem so big that we can’t see past the shadow they are casting over us. We forget that the light lives within us.

Don’t give the devil power over you. You have Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords with you always. There are angels who are warriors fighting on our behalf because none of the devils weapons and tactics can win against us!

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